Wednesday, 16 May 2012

J.C.Cinel - The Light of a New Sun

As an experienced performer on the European rock circuit for nearly thirty years, ‘The Light of a New Sun’ is an attempt by Italian artist J.C.Cinel to further enhance his credential as a purveyor of country rock in the international market. The eleven-track nearly hour long album is a comprehensive effort to promote his work but it’s felt that it may fall short in creating much interest outside the areas where he is already established.
It is certainly a challenge to break into an English speaking market when it’s not your first language and it’s a brave move to mix the heavily guitar featured tunes with a couple of semi rock ballads that showcase the vocals. J.C. has certainly made a valiant effort but is unlikely to make much inroad with the UK or US album buying public should that choose to be his objective. The considerably sized continental European country scene seems to be its natural home and the songs will definitely be enhanced in a live setting.

There is an element of country cliché in the title and subject content of three of the tracks - ‘Living on a Highway’, ‘Nashville Nights’ and ‘California Sunset’ but probably the most ear catching tune on the album is ‘Islands’ where J.C. tones down the guitar and gives one of his better vocal performances.

So overall a neatly packaged collection of country rock infused tunes that while having a limited appeal will no doubt be a success when promoted in the appropriate markets.

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