Monday, 4 April 2016

Release Round Up and Blog Update

A few changes are being implemented to the blog with immediate effect. While the heavy content of gig reviews will remain in place, there will no longer be any dedicated posts for individual album reviews. In its place will be a weekly published post feature on any album submissions that have their release day and have prompted enough interest. This will contain no writing just pictures, clips and links. This will be published each Friday and presently there is scheduled content until the end of May. The continuation of this is subject to the level of submissions. In addition there is likely to be far more random posts, mainly of a clip sharing variety and continual updates of the albums and songs that are shaping the year. The regular Friday post is due to commence on April 8th and to get a flavour of what to expect, here is a sample of recent submissions that just missed the review cut.

Released April 1 

Released April 1

Released March 26

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