Sunday, 19 May 2019

Three Chords and the Truth 2.0

This site has operated since January 2012 on the trusted and successful formula of the review. The stand alone gig review quickly evolved in tandem with the album variety as opportunities sprang up. While the wheel of art forever keeps turning, individual races reach a conclusion and the time has come for some sort of re-set.

With the realisation that this particular race is run and an appetite for renewal burning fiercely, change is in the air and there is no phrase more direct than 'immediate effect' to usher in a new beginning.

Therefore, the existing formula of stand alone album and gig reviews will cease to exist thus allowing room for a new approach to be ushered in. Structure is still set to play a major part in the future of Three Chords and the Truth, yet in a such a way that creativity and inspiration can be harnessed.

Starting from Sunday May 26th the core content will be a weekly blog post incorporating what has been relevant over the last seven days. This will include details of gigs attended (yes, they're not going away) alongside anything music related that has crossed my path. This could be in any form: new stuff, old stuff, forthcoming stuff, random stuff. There may also be also be stand alone posts on literally anything that takes a fancy.

One existing feature to remain on the blog is festival coverage. These are one offs and tend to get the creative juices flowing with a sense overload of multiple acts. So look out for previews and review pieces for select events over the summer months. Likewise, there may be the odd event or album that allows the old days to be re-lived.

Another static feature of this blog is original writing. So even if some music is shared from an advocate, its introduction will be free of regurgitated content. You can easily find that on the web. In these days of instant accessibility, we are all capable of being our own critic, so perhaps signposting is the future.

Social media will still play a part on the usual platforms to varying degrees of whims and interest. Additionally, blog posts will mix some writing with links, videos, pictures and embedded content.

I have no idea how this move will pan out, but the time is right to instigate change and push the refresh button. A final certainty is that great music is going nowhere. Maybe this also applies to Three Chords and the Truth. (can't get rid of the UK from the address as the domain without it was taken in Blogger, but you know the homeland has never been the boundary)

Happy blogging.