Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Three Chords and the Truth 3.0

After Three Chords and the Truth 2.0 announced on 19th May that stand alone album and gig reviews had run their course, the inevitable change of heart has occurred. Whether this returns to previous volumes remains yet to be seen, but a short break from this format has rejuvenated the batteries to share some of the new releases in a stand alone format and reflect on a sample of live music enjoyed. During the interim period the Weekly Blog Post has briefly reported on new releases, upcoming releases and gigs attended. Hopefully this will still remain as a means of sharing the volume of music to cross my path; one that the stand alone review process could never hope to accommodate. 

So after seven years, this blog is still alive and kicking, cultivating a small corner of the world wide web promoting music that sometimes needs a little push. The blogging journey is a roller coaster of a ride, susceptible to whims, motivating factors and ultimately a choice to fill a leisure time in demand. In the near future the number of reviews posted will hit four figures, a journey to definitely look back on and one to continue to look forward to. No guarantee to what the future holds but hey that's life. is still active, though constraints to its interactive capacity remain. 

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