Listen to Your Audio Files Anywhere with Hamster Free Audio Converter

Listen to Your Audio Files Anywhere with Hamster Free Audio Converter

When personal computers were first introduced, the number of audio formats was very limited. This allowed you to easily play music in your preferred media player. It’s a different story now. Many compatibility issues arise with all the new formats and media player models. Different devices favor different formats as do media players. Some audio files that are downloaded off the Internet won’t work with most mobile devices. If you have trouble moving your collection of audio files around because there are compatibility issues, this can become frustrating. Hamster Free Audio Converter, a free program available online, can assist you in overcoming almost every compatibility issue you may encounter.

Hamster Free Audio Convert can convert almost any audio file format. The good news is that you do not need to understand the intricacies and differences between audio files formats. There are a number of presets in the program that describe each step. Drag and drop is another way to convert files. When you are ready to go, use the batch feature to convert multiple files. You will then have the option to select your desired output format. Advanced users can also specify additional parameters in order to customize their results. Hamster Free Audio Convert works with Windows XP through Windows 7 64-bit. Its performance is excellent and it only takes seconds to convert an audio file youtube mp3 downloader.

Hamster Free Audio Converter is no different. It’s a very user-friendly program. Presets let you choose your preferred format quickly with one click. To make an audio playable on Nokia Smartphones, select Nokia in the Output Format. You can choose from presets that cover a wide range of devices such as phones, handheld devices and stand-alone media players. Under the device list, you will find audio format information. Hamster Free Audio Convert can also support lossless audio formats, like FLAC.

Hamster Free Audio Convert provides editing capabilities for audio information such as track numbers, artist names and details. Add album art to your library and find albums faster. Hamster Free Audio Converter comes in multiple languages. Find out more and download the program at the official HamsterSoft website at The list also includes supported formats.

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