2019 Album Reviews

Due to this being a single person operation, album review time is extremely limited, and the volume will fluctuate with capacity, inspiration and motivation. For a wider selection of 2019 album releases, check out the Album Release Directory page, which is more extensive and updated on a regular basis.


Kaia Kater - Grenades
Dan Rauchwek - Where Are More Than What We Leave Behind
Tiffany Williams - When You Go
Maya de Vitry - Adaptions
Helen Rose - Trouble Holding Back
Mandolin Orange - Tides of a Teardrop
Deer Tick - Mayonnaise 


Kalyn Fay - Good Company
Buffalo Blood - Buffalo Blood
Simon Stanley Ward - Songs From Various Places
Daniel Meade and the Flying Mules - Live Mules
Jess Klein - Back To My Green
Harbottle & Jonas - The Sea is My Brother
Katie Spencer - Weather Beaten


Ruth Notman & Sam Kelly - Changeable Heart
Lucy Kitt - Stand By
Jason Ringenberg - Stand Tall
Danny Schmidt - Standard Deviation