Hot Lotto Numbers Improve Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

HOT lottery numbers increase your chance of winning the lottery lottery jackpot. It doesn’t take much convincing for serious lottery players all over the world. This is how important HOT lottery numbers for any realistic lottery strategy. Sing along if the song is familiar to you. Enjoy the beautiful melody. Let’s take a look at what HOT numbers are. The numbers that have hit more often than the other numbers in a lottery are known as HOT numbers. We tend to talk about the TOP 10 HOT lottery numbers. But, depending on the situation we might also talk about either the top 15 OR the top 5. Let’s begin เว็บหวย.

6 numbers are drawn in any 6 number lottery. 600 numbers are drawn from over 100 drawings. Each lottery number should hit 11.54 million times if it is the Illinois lottery 6/52. 600/52 = 1154 This is logical and straight forward, but it’s also wrong. The math is correct!

There are two reasons why it is incorrect. How can a lottery number be hit 11.54 million times? It won’t. It can hit 11 times, 12 times, but never 11.54. Yes, I am playing with you. But, it’s to prove a point. It’s clear to you. For the average to be a decimal fraction of a decimal number, some numbers must HIT less often than others.

Second, this average is very poor. It is weak as it is based only on 100 lottery draws. It is so weak, some numbers might hit 20 times while others will hit only 5 times. All other numbers fall in between. As more drawings are made, the fluctuations below and above the expected average decrease. This is why the average becomes stronger.

Most people are aware that 50 heads and fifty tails are the most likely outcomes of flipping a random 100-coin coin. But in reality, it’s more common to get other results like 60 heads and forty tails. This means that there is a 20% error above what is expected. This will not alarm the mathematician. He would simply respond that you haven’t conducted enough trials. You can see that the percentage error shrinks the more you do trials. So if you did 500 trials, you would get 550 heads and only 450 tails. Now, the percent error stands at 10%. When you have completed 10,000 trials, you will finally reach the point at which the number head equals the number tails. 5005 heads = 4995 tails (or 0.1% error). You will see that the percentage error decreases as you add more trials. The average also becomes stronger.

Let’s now get to the point! With the coin there were only two possible outcomes. Heads or tails. It took 10,000 trials before wild fluctuations averaged themselves out. How many trials are it going to take for all lottery numbers to hit the same number of times? While I don’t know the exact number, there are likely more zeros in this number than in our national deficit.

It’s a lot! This means that it will take many millions of years until all lottery numbers appear the same number of time. This is excellent news for serious players of the lottery. Our lifetime, in lottery terms is the very, very very small fraction of our lives. The short-term will see wide variation between hits for Hot and Cold numbers. Consistently putting hot numbers in our playlist gives us a long term statistical advantage. It increases our chances at winning the lottery.