Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gary Quinn - This Cowboy's Heart

A widespread trait of the UK country scene is the demand for artists to include an abundance of covers in their live shows. While there is certain merit in interpreting the songs of others, the true health of any genre is defined by the creative development of original material Therefore it is commendable when an artist takes this progressive stance and ventures out with a selection of new songs, especially when they themselves have been immersed in the covers scene. On the evidence of this five-track EP titled THIS COWBOY’HEART, Greater Manchester based Irishman Gary Quinn has the talent to carve out a successful career as a credible singer-songwriter, collaborator and artist brave enough to showcase new songs.

In line with some of the finest Music Row output, Gary has demonstrated the knack of crafting a well constructed song that sublimely fits so well with the array of instruments providing the authentic country sound. Repeated plays of the opening and title track ‘This Cowboy’s Heart’ confirm an outstanding song that is adorned with a wonderful melodic chorus accompanied by complementary keyboards, guitar and pedal steel, all telling the simple tale of the iconic cowboy.

The danger of such a strong opening track is it sets a too high standard to follow but Gary has made an admirable attempt to match the heights of this outstanding number. ‘Keep on Playin’ has a more up tempo beat to it with a catchy chorus that will embed itself into the mind of regular listeners. In contrast to the pace of this song, Gary shows his worth has a ballad composer with the next track, the heartfelt ‘He Don’t Show Her Anymore’. Once again the chorus is a striking feature of a song that ticks plenty of boxes from the country music repertoire.
The ballad theme continues with ‘Tin Man’ a number that explores the world of a certain late thirties Hollywood blockbuster to act as an analogy for the message of this song. ‘Live Each Day’ is an ideal closing track with its uplifting message and consisting of gentle verses leading into a rousing chorus. Like all songs in the collection, the opportunity to hear them live should be an enhancing experience and regular festival goers at Wolvestock and Americana will get the opportunity next summer.

In the meantime Gary Quinn continues to hone his craft with a repeat involvement in the Nashville songwriter’s circle that makes regular visits to the UK and this should aid his future development. THIS COWBOY’S HEART is surely a mere taster and hopefully a signal for further original material to emanate from this fine country singer-songwriter and his co-collaborators.
                                          He Don't Show Her Anymore


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