Saturday, 25 May 2019

PREVIEW: Maverick Festival - Easton Farm Park, Suffolk. Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July 2019

Maverick Festival may well have celebrated its own tenth anniversary back in 2017, but two years later a similar milestone is reached from my perspective for that annual trek from the West Midlands to deepest Suffolk. Back in 2010, thoughts were more concerned with navigating the lanes of a county not often on the travel agenda rather than thinking a love affair was in its embryonic state. However year after year, commitment has grown to attend the festival especially as in the early days attendance was limited to the Saturday. 

The Saturday will always be core to the staging of the event as proceedings don't get underway until 5pm the previous evening and the wrap is always just after lunch on the Sunday. Mind you, there is nothing like being there from first bar to last encore. 

Maverick continually lives up to the billing of its name. You always get a good mix of artists already on the lower rungs of the roots ladder and those queuing to get on. The waiting line of lesser known artists never wanes on the quality front and regularly you depart the festival with a lengthening list of acts to recommend. Occasionally, the festival takes a bold step with a more established name, but this never defines the event. Indeed, the whole ambience of a weekend down Easton Park Farm is unlike your conventional festival experience. Expect the serene surroundings of rural quaintness to be mingling with knowledgable music fans as an air of relaxed informality takes root. 

Although the festival pre-dates the burgeoning motion of Americana being a truly focussed and promoted genre in the UK, the vibes, ideals and essence of this style sink deep into the very core of Maverick. As you would expect, hosting travelling acts from the US is a major part of the line up. These musicians nestle comfortably with homemade artists of a similar ilk alongside fellow tourers from far flung corners of the world - or at least often Canada and increasingly Australia. 

Artists etched into the left field shadows of their genre tend to be the staple of the line up. Expect shades of country, folk, blues, bluegrass, rock 'n' roll and singer-songwriter fare, but the type that lives on the edge, often driven by a fiercely independent streak. Egos are absent by design and headliners have to forge their own path. Each audience member can determine their own festival pinnacle from a choice of mid to late afternoon on the lawn, early to late evening in the Barn or what sparkles in the Peacock as the sun goes down. Some may even advocate the outreach stages, which often host hidden gems.

Precedence, consistency and a winning formula has served Maverick well over the years and 2019 is set to be no different. Check out the list of artists scheduled. Some you will know well; some will have heard of; some will be totally new. All will be bound by an ethic, guaranteed quality and a perfect fit into the Maverick ideal. 

Looking for a testimony, seek no further than these seven links. Expect a tenth in early July.

I'm afraid 2011 and 2010 are locked away in the memory bank with the key thrown away. But you get the drift.

Ranger £110.00
Weekend ticket with admission to all stages and includes up to TWO nights camping FRIDAY and SATURDAY
JUNIPER £50.00
Weekend ticket with or without camping for 16-18 year olds. 
Wrangler £85.00
Weekend ticket with admission to all stages No Camping
Rustler £50.00
Day ticket, Saturday only
Nighthawk £30.00
Friday night only
Holy Roller £25.00
Sunday only
Tenderfoot £25.00
Children 10-15 yrs, under 10's go free